Having my cake and eating it!

It is normally said that you can't have your cake and eat it too. But I like to think that sometimes you can!

During a short trip to Vienna, Austria, I had the opportunity to wander through the city for most of the afternoon. Vienna is a very beautiful city in and by itself, but when the weather plays it's part the city becomes ever more beautiful or dramatic, which ever mood it is in.

The weather on my day was very nice, sunny and dry but not too warm. My kind of weather. My list of things to do was very short. First was to visit a friend who I hadn't seen in a long long time, second, and imperative, was having a piece of Sacher Torte at Hotel Sacher. Alas, the friend of mine was not in town. But Sacher Torte is ALWAYS available.

First I had a nice lazy time at one of the artificial beaches they made at the Danube, followed by lunch in a restaurant overlooking that very beach.

This day was also the day that I tried out the turn by turn navigation on the Apple Watch, and I was pleasantly surprised! It guided me to Hotel Sacher without fail.

Once there I found myself a spot in the shade on the terrace outside and started on the second item on my to do list. I ordered the Sacher Torte with nice Earl Grey tea with a bit of honey on the side. Is there a more divine (non alcoholic) drink?

Sitting outside looking in through the large windows, I loved the view of the beautiful 'old world colours' and textures of the interior almost defined by the young Japanese woman doing the exact same thing as I was: Having her cake and eating it as a private pleasure, only to be fully enjoyed at that precise spot in the world!