Hong-Kong Monkey.

For some reason I've always liked Hong-Kong, even just the idea of it. As a youngster it always had that futuristic appeal to it, and it still does. But nowadays it also conjures up ideas of a more dystopian future, especially when the internet is flooded with images, of Hong-Kong or any other megapolis, of rows and rows of colourless high rise residential buildings that seem to be reaching the stratosphere.

Hong-Kong is also the place for me where I bought my first DSLR, the things were still pretty expensive and at the time (something like 7 years ago) when things like that were so much cheaper in Hong-Kong than at home.

The images  below are the result of a project I thought of the second time I was in Hong-Kong but didn't have a tripod. I wanted to take long exposure photos of the city by night. It's perhaps good to mention that between coming up with the idea for the project and my next visit to Hong-Kong was about 4 years. So the idea is no longer very original, but I wanted to share the results anyway!

I am really pleased with the particular glow of the colours in these images.

Four of these images will be available in the shop soon (HD print on aluminium, 20 x 20 cm, with attachment hook, no frame). You can get updates delivered to your email box (max 5 per year)!

I only just managed to catch these ladies on their last dance practice of that morning. I wanted to go to one of the parks where people practice Tai-Chi in the mornings, but unfortunately I didn't have the time for that. The last day of my ultra short visit I noticed this group while looking out of the window during breakfast. So after I was done I hurried across the street to capture them on my iPhone. I didn't realise the sound was switched of, so you can't hear the clapping of the fans unfortunately.