Perfect alignment.

I was going to write a rather philosophical post about how these three misaligned images represent different aspects of your life, personality, goals, etc. Then there would have been something along the lines of: when you manage to align the different aspects of your life towards your main goal, each of the aspects will be in service of the other aspects and thus accelerating the speed at which you approach your goal. Assuming that not all of the aspects or talents are perfectly aligned already. Without knowing (or wanting) different things about your life may be in contradiction to each other, slowing your progress or indeed halting it.

Then I thought that this would be way to philosophical and I thought about talking though misaligned these images are, they are in fact three different photos of the same line found in a rock formation in Petra, Jordan. This would be followed by how these lines have a story to tell about how and when the rock formation came to be. But I realised I don't really know that much about rocks and how they are formed precisely.

So instead I though I'd simply invite you to enjoy these beautiful lines I saw in a rock formation in Petra, Jordan.