Ignoring my fear of heights.

Like so many people I suffer from a fear of heights. And over the years it has prevented me from seeing places just because I just couldn't get over this irrational fear. I didn't climb to the top of the palace on top of the rock in Sigaria, Sri Lanka, I din't particularly enjoy the 'canopy walk' high up in the rainforest in Malaysia, in fact I had to get back down because it was just too much.

But there are some situations where I won't let this silly fear prevent me from going places or seeing things I want to see or visit. Like the first picture were my partner and I are sitting on the edge of a cliff just so we could see the Library in Petra, Jordan from up high. Or the other two, Tigers Nest Monastery in Bhutan. The monastery is located at roughly 3100 m above see level, and as you can see it is 'magically' attached to a cliff. Needless to say the path to get there (you can only get there on foot) is not for the faint hearted or someone with a fear of heights. But I was determent to get to the monastery one way or another since it was one of the two top moments of our visit to Bhutan and I knew I would not easily get another shot at it.

All of this is not to say that I have overcome my fear of heights. I'm just as afraid as I was before, I just choose to (try to) ignore it. And for the times that I have, I'm happy that I did!