Sometimes I ask myself: when do we arrive in that futuristic future that I was shown in all the media when I grew up? You know. Flying cars, robots doing the ironing for you, all of those things.

Then again I sometimes have a mini celebratory moment, when I realise that speaking into my watch to switch off a particular lamp at home. My Nest thermostat calculating the most economic heating pattern for the house. Booking all aspects of travel from this thin thing I hold in my hand that fits in my pocket and looks and feels gorgeous. The future is already here.

Now that the future has arrived things will start to move at an exponential rate.

Arriving at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol I saw the beginning is the next phase in Project Future. It's name is Spencer! A cooperation between KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the airport and a team at one of the universities here in the Netherlands.

Spencer is a social robot, that means that when he has finished his final exams, he will be able to mingle without dispersing a group of people. To recognise what type of groups or individuals it encounters and adjust its behaviour accordingly.

Anyway, the future is happening all around us, wether we notice it or not.