A first taste for Patagonia pt1.

Patagonia is an enormous area shared by Argentina and Chilli, with an ocean on each side, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, totalling an area of over 1.000.000 Km^2!

At the time my partner and I were discussing wether to visit Iguazú Falls or Perito Moreno Glacier. For some reason I’ve always been in awe of mountains covered in snow and ice and one of my wish destinations is Antartica. Also I’m not too fond of humid rainforests (with potentially millions of creepy crawlers), so I tried to make as strong a case for visiting the glacier as possible. 

In trying to influence the decision process I assembled a nice set of images of both natural beauties. Except the images of Iguazú National Park were never the best images around, whereas those of Los Glaciares National Park were the best I could find. Let’s say it wasn’t a fair fight at all.

Ironically the plane that flew us from Amsterdam to Buenos Aires was named after Iguazú National Park.

In Buenos Aires we learned from locals that the time we were there was actually not optimal for visiting the falls. That made me feel less guilty of ‘rigging’ the decision making process.

The images in this gallery (click to enlarge) are an example of the steppe like environment with the Andes mountains in the distance. In a future post I’ll share the photos of one of the most awe inspiring natural sceneries I’ve seen in my life. It is clear to me that I most definitely want to visit Patagonia again, this time from the Chilean side.