Apocalypse now

Well, maybe not now exactly.

My original plan was to go to Harajuku and see if we could immerse ourselves in the fantasy world of the ‘Harajuku girls’. The evening before we had drinks with a Japanese friend who lives in Tokyo, so I asked him what the best spot would be to people watch; people in general, but certainly Harajuku girls in particular.

When my husband and I arrived in the street, that had been closed to traffic, I got the feeling that we had been misdirected, probably due to some misunderstanding and being lost in translation.

Needless to say we didn’t spot any Harajuku girls, but we did experience this eery feeling of a pre- or post-apocalyptic metropolis. The wide street being devoid of motorised traffic and the specific light that afternoon, created a special atmosphere. Judge for yourself from these images.