Before the crash

I had done the scouting of the area and the situation in the sky. I had a few nice aerial shots and I had figured out the flight path and programmed it into the app.

One of my mottoes is: “Proper, Prior, Planning” and it seemed to me that I had done just that. That turned out not to be the case.

After the app gave me an error, I can’t remember what it was though, I took the drone and the RC inside the room to have a look at it. After solving the problem I was happy to start my first automated flight. I was really looking forward to the video footage and eager to see how the drone did all on its own.

The issue that generated the error had indeed been solved and the drone took off merrily. The only mistake I made, the one that led directly to the crash, was that I hadn’t placed the drone back on the original take-off position in the flight path.

That tree wasn’t in the programmed flightpath, and the branches too small for the drone to see.

Here are two aerial shots of the area the drone was going to capture. You can imagine how much I was looking forward to some video footage.