Big in Japan

I had never heard of Gundam, or the Gundam franchise, but somehow I had seen images of the life-size Unicorn Gundam statue. Though it wasn’t on the list of things to do or places to visit while in Tokyo, once I saw the thing when my husband and I were looking at the Tokyo skyline by night, I knew I wanted see it.

I still don’t know anything about Gundam and anything related to it, I have to say the statue is very impressive. The life-size Unicorn Gundam statue is certainly Big in Japan, to use the words of the Alphaville song of the same name.

Because of a lot of light pollution from screens nearby, I photographed Gundam from the rear. Due to my angle there are no references in the images and it’s impossible to judge the actual size of the statue. I think it’s cool that the images could have been of toy sized figurines. The third image is provided for size reference.

All images © JW Amsterdam