Confusion of the brain.

Skipping a full night's worth of sleep during the fligh, working the whole next day in a -8 hrs time zone, not sleeping well afterwards and having to go back to the airport before noon the following day, is never a good way to spend time abroad. 

After some last minute shopping (red bull and iTunes Store gift cards) I was walking back to the hotel, when I had to stop at a crossing. I was going to cross the street first and then turn right into 2nd street. Could have turned right before crossing the street but I wanted to walk in the shade. 

As I was standing there waiting for the light to turn green, my mind, as always, started wandering. After seeing the 2nd street sign my mind counted up to 5th Avenue, Avenue of the Americas and before I knew it it was on 42nd street recalling a funny musical I attended with my partner last year. 

The light changed to green, I continued my route and my mind was thinking what things I could have done in New-York City instead of what I had done so far on this short business trip. It kept going like: I could've done this! I could have gone there! And poor me was wondering why indeed I hadn't done any of those things? I don't get to fly to New-York City very often. 

At the next block the image of New-York City was was solidified, when I panned my vision from left to right absorbing all the details: the uneven sidewalks, the traffic (especially the kind of vehicles), the traffic lights and signage, the large 'road work ahead' mobile sign flashing it's lights. And finally: steam rising up from a hole in the street. 

'Oh, this is all so typical New-York', my mind said quite confidently. It was happy to be in New-York City again. 

My body arrived at the hotel and my mind halts; WAIT A MINUTE HERE! This not the hotel you normally stay in, is it? The usual hotel in smack in the middle of Manhattan, opposite of the Empire State Building, isn't it? I started to register the things my mind was saying and getting really confused. How had I not noticed till now that the hotel was different, we weren't even close to Manhattan. How hadn't I noticed we moved hotels since the last time I was in New-York for business? The hotel room also seemed exceptionally large for New-York. 

I felt rather lost. How did this all happen?

What was going on here?!

I stepped into the hotel and something or other caught my attention and I my confusion was quickly abated: I was in San Fransisco!!