Expectation vs Reality.

In one of my previous post is said, and I quote: 'I expect to carry my camera around with me more often with this lens attached.'

Reality turned out a bit differently though.

So just recently I found myself in my one of my favourite cities in the world: Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok isn't just an amazing city, one that really never sleeps, but it's a photographer's paradise. Excited as I was to get this work assignment, I made sure to bring my new prime lens.

I also brought the DJI Mavic Pro.

Though neither the Magic Pro nor the Nikon D7000 with the 35mm lens don't take any space in a small shoulder bag, I somehow felt carrying both was too much.

Bangkok, as anyone who has been there a few times knows, is a city that you can never fully know. You will discover new parts each visit.

Piloting my DJI Mavic in Bangkok was very high on my list. With the Mavic Pro in my small shoulder bag I went out to look for a good place to launch the aircraft and shoot some videos. I didn't bring the Nikon (reality overruling expectation here).

Walking upstream along the Chao Praya River I walked though this really nice area. One of those typical 'villages' or small communities, walled off by the high rises and invisible from the man roads.

First think that came to mind was that the little bit of extra weight of the Nikon would have been a small inconvenience compared to the photo ops at and around every corner.

So I took the best camera I had with me and used the iPhone 6S to get some images.

Flying the Mavic Pro resulted in some acceptable footage, remember this was only the second time I took it to the air. I did fly very conservatively though.

Next time I'll try a different spot, one suggested by a Thai friend of mine.

Next time I will also bring the Nikon along!

Below some images I shot with the iPhone. The footages from my two flights in Bangkok I will show in a future post.