Graffiti alley, Munich.

A friend invited my husband and I to go to a part of the city we had never been before, Bahnwaerter Thiel’s on the former slaughterhouse grounds. Though we had seen it in passing it was a new place to explore.

It reminded me of Graffiti Alley in Toronto and of Kristiansand in Kopenhagen, on a smaller scale and more integrated though.

We spend some 30 minutes or so looking at different graffiti art, but there were mostly a lot of elaborate tags.

I really liked the train carriage suspended on top of concrete pillars, wheels removed. I have some images of it but non do it justice.

There was a flea market going on and the atmosphere was really very relaxed, our friend told us that there are regular parties organised with the grounds.

Certainly an interesting place to visit again, perhaps with visiting friends.

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