Hong Kong, baby!

Even long before I ever went there, I have always felt this magical attraction to Hong Kong.

The fact that it was, and still is, a Special Administrative Region, makes it I don’t know, ‘Special’ I guess.

The architecture is fascinating, I especially loved the building by Sir Norman Foster and Associates. Said to have been designed to be taken apart and moved to a new location, should the economical climate change too much after the British gave it back to China. That was years ago and the building has stayed put. You might conclude that business is still booming.

Hong Kong also has (unique in the world) a super comprehensive public transport system, I talking about the underground, that not only pays for itself, but actually makes a huge profit. And still the ticket prices are less than in most Western countries.

Hong Kong is the place where I bought my first DSLR. It was a Sony Alpha series. I had decided that with me travelling to all these places in the world, I wanted to take up photography again. I used to shoot film on my old Minolta Dynax in my high school years, and some time after that, but due to budget restrictions I couldn’t really experiment much as all the developing and the film was just too expensive to fool around with.

Digital was only just becoming available at consumer prices in those days, but I realised that if I ever wanted to get back into photography I would have to start shooting again and experimenting. Digital made it cheap to try a thousand new things that would have cost a fortune on film.

In those days DSLR cameras were still pretty expensive, especially in Europe, so when I got to Hong Kong and show all these ads in the subway, I made up my mind and decided to buy one. Then and there.

I think the camera was just over half the price of what it would have cost at home. It was still my entire month’s salary, but I knew if I didn’t buy it then, I would regret it and in the end would have to spend more to get a DSLR.

So on the last day of my stay, I spent the next month’s salary on my new Sony DSLR and I have never regretted it.

You can easily see the image is shaken.

You can easily see the image is shaken.


In the mean time I have visited Hong Kong three more times, and next month I’ll be there again. I’ll bring my Nikon D7000 and my tripod and redo that all time classic night shot of the Hong Kong Light show. Not because it’s an original vista, but the photo I took with the Sony was shaken because I didn’t have a tripod at that time. So it’s out of nostalgic feelings.