How consumer drones are reshaping our view of the world.

Sathorn Unique Tower. Bangkok, Thailand ©

Sathorn Unique Tower. Bangkok, Thailand ©

We humans have always looked at things from eye level. Makes sense. 
Improving technology has enabled us to look at our environment from higher and higher up. We became better at climbing higher mountains, started building into the clouds, we gave ourselves wings to fly with the birds. 

For a long time we no longer need to send our actual eyes up the skies to be able to look down, satellites can show us our world in more detail then our own eyes ever could.

I think with the rise of the consumer and prosumer UAVs (‘drones’), these images have been liberated from large institutes like NASA and others. Now we, ‘the people’, can send our own eyes up in the sky and see what their own world looks like from up high. And we can choose what to look at, without the bias of external entities.

A lot of people worry about privacy and surveillance issues. Rightly so. 

Now, please consider those satellites that have been peering (and spying!) for a lot longer and in just as much detail (if not more) than the UAVs people actually worry about. Do you worry about which satellites have you in focus right this moment? Probably not.

My believe is that people don’t worry about satellites being about to follow their cars around, simply because we can’t see the satellites. This statement is based solely on my personal feeling, and in no means suggests that one should not worry about (spy) satellites.

We have to get used to these buzzing marvels of technology flying through the sky, and once we have, we will see the marvellous ways in which we, ourselves, can use our very own flying eyes to get a better understanding of our own part of the world and even use what we see to better it.

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