How the airplane window served as therapy for me.

I remember a time when the view from the airplane window was pure therapy for me. Perhaps even lifesaving.

Let me explain.

As you may have gathered I fly a lot, not as much as some, but certainly more than most. When your job involves a lot of air travel, people associate it with high earnings and a solid financial home situation.

For me nothing was farther from the truth during that period of my life.

When at home I couldn't spend a dime, sometimes not even a cent. In contrast, while on location for a job, it was all fancy hotels and restaurants.

The view from the window during a flight always comforted me.

Miniature towns, with miniature houses, miniature people and most importantly: miniature problems.

As long as I was in the air, my problems too seemed miniature. Those hours I looked down really helped me to put my problems into perspective.

The completely different 'bubble' I would find myself in while on one of those trips also gave me a break from my 'miniature' problems.

I'm thankful that all of that was a long time ago. That kind therapy I don't need any more.

I still love to look out of that little window when I'm on board of that magical flying machine, just as much as in those days long gone.

Should you yourself, or someone you know, be in a situation where you don’t feel like there’s a way out, TALK, really. Talk to someone on an anonymous helpline, your GP, a therapist (really they are not scary at all and you problems are confidential) or someone you trust.

There is absolutely no need to have to try to solve everything on your own. And you’ll find that, with patience and work, every problem has a solution.