How to park a Boeing 737 - movie

Flying as often as I do and visiting certain cities a few times a year, gives me the opportunity to try things 'regular' passengers do get to try.

Things like getting a crash course in Ramp Safety (what to do and, more importantly, what NOT to do when you're on the platform of an airport) and getting a one-time-only permission to stand on the platform when my flight back home arrived, is not something that 'just happens' and I wouldn't recommend trying it yourself because it would be futile. Moving Mount Everest to Chile would be and easier project!

Anyways, it was super cool!

On this video you can see how the 'marshaller' (the one with the bright orange batons) guides the incoming plane to the exact spot where it needs to park. These spots are different for each type of plane and indicated on the concrete with yellow lines. The pilots cannot see these marks from their seats. When an airplane is parked at a gate, the job of the marshaller is usually done by an automated system.

It is important that a plane parks on the exact right spot so that the plane is lined up perfectly with everything that needs to be attached to its structure after engines have been shut down.

The most right guy is holding what looks like a hose, this is actually an electrical power cord. Once the engines of the plane are shut off it needs an external power source. To make sure the plane doesn't move the two other guys will put large wedges in front and behind the wheels, the so called 'blocks'.

When the plane has been properly parked, the stairs can be attached and the passengers disembark and embark. I would have liked to have filmed the entire process, but like I said this was an exceptional situation and I wasn't allowed more time.

Enjoy the movie and remember: feedback is always welcome.

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