On waking up.


After another one of those weeks of four consecutive days having to set the hotel wake-up call service to between 3 and 5 in the morning (or night if you prefer), I can confidently say that the message on the other end of the phone line most definitely has an impact on my day. 

After years and years of wake-up calls in hotels I know most systems are automated. Some, for whichever reason however, aren't. So I always pick up the phone saying: 'Hello, good morning'.

In the beginning I felt a bit stupid when, after a faction of a second, the automated system began reciting the programmed message, often including the time and some version of a thank you for staying with us and/or wishing me a nice day. 

Now I don't care anymore when my 'Good Morning' is met with an automated message because I imagine that when there is an actual person on the other end, it must be nicer for them too. 

The day before yesterday my 'Hello, good morning' (in German), was met with a super friendly and energetic: 'Gute Morgen, ich wünsche ihnen ein wunderschönen guten Tag!' (Good morning, I wish you a wonderfully good/nice day!).

That positivity stayed with me for most of the day and was a stark contrast to the 'This is your automated wake-up call. The time is 03:40 AM. If you would like another call in ten minutes, press any number. This is your autom.' I got this morning. 

It's nice to be nice!