Klampenborg; Escaping the city.

After a work day in Copenhagen I found some time for myself. I wasn’t in the mood to go into town so I looked for somewhere out of town, but close enough to reach by train.

I found the suburb Klampenborg. It’s on the waterfront and has a beach. I was hoping that there would be only a handful of people so I could fly the MavicPro.

Before packing the flight case for the MavicPro I had read the Danish law governing unmanned aircraft. Also checked the airspace around Klampenburg Bellevue Beach to see if it was cleared for drones and if there were any temporary flight restrictions.

When I got to the beach, admittedly later that I had plannend, it turned out there were a few people too many. It would still have been difficult to target someone with the drone, but there were enough people to increase the chance of some of them be irritated by the drone (which would mostly fly over the water) and either get nasty with me or even call the police.

More images from Copenhagen.

Danish law has strict regulations for commercial drone flight, but is much more lenient for recreational drone flights.

Even flying over public space is, in principle not a big problem, provided you take a few things into account: privacy, not within x meters from houses, settlements, public road. The killer though was that ‘beaches’ were specifically mentioned as an example of public space where it’s not allowed to fly ‘due to the fact that large groups of people would gather’ in such a place.

That’s why I hoped it wouldn’t be busy, no large groups of people. It’s not the letter of the law, but it is, in my non legal opinion, in the spirit of the law.

So instead of flying the MavicPro, I simple enjoyed the particularly nice weather, the sound of the surf and a nice photo safari.

Even though I didn’t fly my MavicPro, I had a wonderful experience discovering a different side of Copenhagen!