Mother Nature, Father Sun, Sister Moon.

Let's try to get in touch with nature again. Why not? Mother Nature being that aunt that you haven't called for a while. You know which one I mean, the one that loves you the way you are, just like Mother Nature does.

Children are still fascinated by nature, if you let them out of the house enough. And why wouldn't they? Nature is fascinating, every little strange bit is as fascinating as the next. Most parts are even bizarre, so bizarre that science has yet to find an explanation about the how and why.

In my preteens used to bit of a tree hugger. I loved hugging trees. On holiday destinations I had my favourite tree and I would say hello when we arrived after a year, and say goodbye before leaving for another year. I still love trees, though it's been a while since I've actually hugged one.

During the summer solstice of 2016, my partner, some friends and myself booked a few days in a luxury mountain villa in Bulgaria. The purpose was to detox from our hasty, electronic lifestyles and connect with Mother Nature again, and as it turned out to be, also with Father Moon. 

Below some impressions. Click to enlarge.

The mountains provided beautiful vistas, everything we were served during mealtimes was regionally produced. We did morning yoga sessions, got massages to de-stress the body, but the most interesting part were the talks, walks and rituals we shared with a local shaman.

Unfortunately I can't describe the exact rituals we did. Most of them were Peruvian rituals mixed with local pagan rituals of years gone by.

The most important thing I'd like to share, is that these small rituals, or moments getting in touch with nature, or that immense all encompassing thing: the cosmos, left me energized and feeling happy for days after.

So why not try to get back in touch with nature more often. It could be a walk in the park, visiting a nearby forest, or simply hugging a tree if you still have one in your street. As simple gesture to acknowledge we are all part of the same grand scheme of things, and perhaps you didn't realize but Mother Naturemisses your presence.