Ping ‘An iPhone 6S snapshots.

When I bring my Nikon, I normally also have my iPhone with me and I use both for making photos. The Nikon for more ‘serious’ work and iPhone for a quick shot to immediately share on online media.

So here are a few snapshots. It will give you an idea of the village and the view.

We arrived, like most, at the bottom of the village by car. We had been advised by a friend to let one of the elderly locals carry the luggage. When we reached the path that leads up to the village we were indeed approached by a few senior citizens offering their services. We decided to follow good advice and hand over our luggage. It wasn’t that much but it was rather heave all in all.

I do have to say that in the beginning I was rather embarrassed to let these old age pensioners carry our stuff up. But soon I was really happy that they did. First of all they were much faster then we were, and it also provides them with an (extra) income.

Finally we arrived at our hotel. Our luggage was put in the lobby, we paid for their services and we agreed on them carry our luggage back down the next morning.

I’m pretty sure it would have taken us at least 4 times longer to haul our stuff up the mountain. So if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, save yourself a lot of effort, a broken back and let these friendly people carry your luggage for you.

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