Once upon a time, Isla Margarita.

Another trip into the past. A mini collection of images taken on the lovely Island Margarita (Isla de Margarita), off the coast of Venezuela. The poor image quality is due to automatic scanning of the film by the processing plant, more than 12 years ago.

Some recent article about the total collapse of the tourist industry of Venezuela, and Isla de Margarita in particular, reminded me of some really good times I’ve had on one of the wonderful beaches. If you know me well you know that I’m not at all a beach person, so saying I’ve had wonderful days on some beaches really means something.

Back in those days, circa 12 years ago, Venezuela wasn’t particularly safe, but it wasn’t extremely dangerous either. Due to the total economic collapse, the situations has drastically reversed, according to more recent news articles.

The fact that locals, quite literally, don’t have anything anymore, not even toilet paper is available in the shops, has also drastically changed the situation for tourist. For Venezuela oil is their main export, as far as I know, but for Isla de Margarita it was always tourism.

But when the crime rates rose the number of tourists visiting the island started to decline, more and more. This combined with the economic collapse of the entire country, the island cannot escape the downward spiral.

Though my visits were work related, I definitely saw the attraction for tourists. Beautiful beaches and apparently one of the greatest kite surfing spots in the world.

Perhaps sometime in the future, the situation will improve and foreigners start to come back and let the island thrive again like it once did. But I'm afraid the sun has set forever on the Isla de Margarita tourist industry.