That day in London

These black and white images I took during walk through London, United-Kingdom. Unfortunately I have no idea when they were taken.

Most likely all the way back to my high school years as at that time I used to develop the film and the photos myself in the school’s darkroom.

I didn’t really know about analogue retouching techniques, so these images are not retouched or ‘photoshopped’ as popular language would call it.

I remember to be a lot more active in photography than I have been in more recent years. I do definitely blame my mental condition for it. Inspiration is hard to force when I’m in The Darkness. Only as I’m typing this, I’m thinking that The Darkness could be inspiration in and off itself, but I’d fear looking back at the images as they might invoke or reinforce the moods.

As a side note, I stopped shooting black and white after seeing the music videoclip ‘Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode’ shot by Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn. The album on which the song appears was released in 1990, that means these photos were taken before that.

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