The Island Life.

Even though my partner and I have a few years, let’s say at least a decade, to go before we reach pension, we do think about places where we would like to live.  Our future retirement lives usually take place somewhere in Thailand, most probably in the north of Thailand; Chang-Mai region. 

Though I love Asia, unfortunately I’m not a big fan of the heat, especially in combination with humidity, the two main ingredients of the weather in most of South-East Asia. So sometimes I let my mind wander the globe in search for a nice location.

If I had to immigrate right now, the first thing I would think of are the Nordic countries. Not to hot, and nicely cold in the winter, economically sound, extremely well organised and super beautiful scenery. So Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland not so much.

Other mainland European countries don’t really tickle my fancy for a variety of reasons.

Just recently my partner and I were invited by a touroperator friend of ours to stay at one of their hotels. The location was the town of Angra de Heroísmo on the island of Terceira. Well yes, I didn’t have a clue either. Terceira is one of the islands that make up the Azores. So Portugal, but in the 'middle' of the Atlantic Ocean.

I never thought about Island Life, especially not within the European Union, but after this visit I have to say that the Azores might actually be a near perfect location for future living.

Only thing of course is the fact that as recently as the 1980’s there has been a rather strong earthquake that caused a lot of damage, the rising sea levels due to global warming and climate change. And then I haven’t even looked into the possibility of hurricanes.

Then again if rising sea level is a cause of concern, I’d better get the hell out of Amsterdam as that lies 4 meters below sea level. The search goes on…