The most beautiful colour is an illusion.

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One of my dream journeys* would be to sail to Antartica from Ushuia (most southern part of South America) to Antartica.

I can imagine myself in those bright orange super insulating overalls carefully stepping on the ice plates, hopefully greeted by friendly local inhabitants. It is actually not even so difficult to book such a trip, just very pricey. Then again it's still possible, that continent hasn't been trampled by tourists (that's how we like to keep it) and it is still allowed AND still possible. Who knows when this continent will have melted?

Every time I see photos or a documentary about people who have been, I get so fascinated by the immenseness of the icebergs and the total solitude.

Glass of whiskey with glacial ice cubes created from a block of calved of ice from the glacier. Due to the density of the ice it took a long time for it to melt.

But most of all I am so in love with that special kind of blue that glacial ice has. Getting these images as close as possible to the actual blueness was very difficult. The small one on the right hand side for instance, seems oversaturated (one of my early pitfalls that have learned from), but I asure you it is not.

The reason that the ice appears so extremely blue, the ice itself is colourless just like the ice cubes you might have in your fridge, is the fact that due to the immense pressure of all the ice of the glacier, the ice is super compact. You will not find a single bubble of air trapped in the ice, or small cracks (not even a tiny one). Because there is nothing in the body of ice that refracts the light, all the visible colours in the spectrum are absorbed and only this bluest of blue is reflected. So for us humans it just looks really blue, but it is in fact perfectly colourless and clear.

So one of The most beautiful colours is just an illusion.

The photos here are of the Perito Moreno Glacier in the Argentinean part of Patagonia, not far from El Calafate. Though not quite Antartica, this trip was such a super experience. The third picture from the left give you a slight inclination as to the scale of the whole thing (another thing I have first read about, and later found realised by looking at my images, these in particular: it's good to have a reference for scale in your images). The huts in the photo are at the bottom of the glacier, this should give you some idea of the scale. And let met tell you that the wall of ice in the top image reaches up 80(!) meters above the water level! 

* Other dream trips are Orient Express through Mongolia, SUBA diving near a Manta Rays' cleaning station, trip through Japan. And closer to home Lapland in the winter and Iceland and a four wheel drive trip through Norway.