Video teaser

The decision not to bring my DSLR on the trip to Japan was mostly a matter of comfort. I would already be carrying my macbook and iPad Pro, I didn’t want to ad the bulk of the Nikon to that.

I did bring the DJI Osmo, handheld gimbal, to make some videos. Not having brought the Nikon, I spent more time videographing than I had expected.

Two two minute videos are publishing ready and one is still very much in the making. For two of the videos I have chosen a beautiful piece of traditional Japanese music and I’m waiting for the record company that represents the artists to get back to me about licensing the chosen track.

I really hope they come up with an affordable deal as the music perfectly fits the atmosphere.

Here’s a short teaser of the video I’m still working on. It has no sound as I haven’t chosen any music yet. Visit my instagram ( to let me know what you think.