What is the best thing to do in Chengdu?

I have a trip to Chengdu, China coming up pretty soon and I was wondering what to do. I know I will have time, but I wonder if I'll have the energy after work is done.

One of the first things I do before a trip with time to spent, is use Google Images to see if there are any places that, at least on the photos, look nice.

I found that there are many photogenic places around Chengdu, just most of them are rather far away. Luckily the 'day job' company I work for has an intranet with forums for tips from coworkers who have been to specific destinations before. Always nice to get an idea what is 'doable' at these places, if you find time after work.

Turns out there's a local guy who operates as a tour guide and is trustworthy.

This guy comes with a few recommendations from coworkers so I have decided to send him a message about a week before the trip to see if his services are available for the days I'll be around and if his services fall within the budget. There's always that too; the budget.

The images above is the outer wall of Wen Shu Yuan Monastery. Took this photo a couple of years ago, as you can see it was a rainy day. Despite the rain and the jet lag I wanted to go for a walk and this monastery was only a few blocks away from the hotel I was staying at.

Hope to report on an interesting trip after my next visit to Chengdu.

If you have any tips, I'd love to hear them in the comments!