When my childhood dream happened, after 27 years.

I remember when I was a kid there was this tv show called 'Wondere Wereld' (Wondrous World), presented by (even the by standards of 1986) a very geeky astronomer, Chriet Titulaer.

I loved it because, boring though he was, he showed all the new gadgets from all around the world. One episode there was an item about this Japanese super fast train called 'Shinkansen'.

And I remembered that after having seen that item I wanted to, one day, ride in one of those. THIS WAS THE FUTURE! So much more so than all the gadgets and other things on his program combined. I was certain of it!

It wasn't until 27 (!) years later, assuming the item was shown in 1986, until I had my first ride on the Shinkansen. On June 23 2013 I took the Nozomi Super Express service from Fukuoka to Hiroshima; it was a childhood dream come true.

There I was sitting in this train of my childhoods future. Had had my noise cancellation headset with a nice beat on, whizzing through the Japanese landscape. I was enjoying every minute of it! 

Of course the Shinkansen are now a normal thing, a necessity even for many Japanese who have to commute long distances every day, but I felt like a kid in a candy store.

I couldn't get over the fact of how the service works like clockwork, probably more precise than an atomic clock! The timelyness of the service is so world renowned that I bet the driver of the train would rather die than have his train leave the station even a second late.

If the schedule indicates the train will leave at 13:15, the moment the seconds hand of the station clock reaches 12, the train is already moving.

The images and video in this post are taken at Osaka Shin Station, on that particular trip I just went to the Shinkansen station to have a look at the trains. I can be pretty geeky too I guess.