Where am I? How did I get here?

This is a line in one of Pam Ann’s shows where she describes a group of cabin crew who just arrived at an airport, but have no clue where they are. And to make them look stupid, she added the ‘How did I get here?’. 

In the context of the show its pretty hilarious.

I regularly have the same feeling. Though I remember perfectly well how I got where I am, I just can’r remember where that where actually is. This morning it took me probably 30 seconds to realise I was in Oslo, Norway. Well, yes, the picture is indeed taken in San Francisco.

With the amount of times I step into a plane and the many timezones I cross every year, for over ten years now, its not surprising I sometimes don’t know where I am. Add to that the fact that I have the luxury/burden to live in two cities (Amsterdam and Munich) and you’ll understand that even at home I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night not knowing where I am.

About two years ago I gave up on the concept of time. Easy to do, as time really is just a human construct. All the times I fly to places and cross 6 or more time zones, have completely messed up my biological clock after all those years. So time doesn’t really have a meaning to me anymore. 

Day, which day is it? I don’t know. My work doesn’t keep ‘normal’ times so my weekends can be in the middle of the week. Wednesday on the calendar could easily be my Friday. 

When I just got the original series of the Apple Watch, people asked me if I was happy with it. I always told them I am. Then they ask me what I love most about it. It tells me the time, the day and the date! Because sometimes it’s just very practical to know this things, or at least to be able to look it up by glancing at that thing on my wrist.