Fortune Paper Tokyo

Fortune Paper Tokyo

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Omikuji - おみくじ

It's a fortune telling paper strip, very loosely translated you could say it's a fortune telling lottery (くじ - kuji - lottery).

In the olden days people wanted guidance from the god of a particular shrine and a system was devised where the person shakes a wooden box containing numbered bamboo sticks, one stick would come out through a hole in the box, a priest would get a piece of paper with the corresponding number telling the fortune of the person.

This photo I shot in the well known Sensō-Ji Temple in Tokyo, where you can go through this ritual yourself. No priest involved, just a small donation (usually a coin will do), it's all self-service now.

Once you get your bamboo stick, you walk to a large cabinet with small drawers and open the drawer that corresponds with the number on your bamboo stick.

In the drawer you will find a paper with your fortune in the shape of a poem. The fortunes range from 大吉, dai-kichi : great blessing to 大凶, dai-kyou: great curse.

When you get a good blessing, you're supposed to keep it close to you, in your wallet for instance. When you get a bad one or a curse even, you can tie it to something (preferably near a pine tree) so that the curse stays, waits at the tree and doesn't follow you around.

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    One card plus white envelope

    Size of the cards is: 4.13" x 5.82" or 105mm x 148mm.

    High quality 340gsm sustainably sourced paper stock, the cards have a satin finish on the outside, inside of card is blank, so it's suitable for many occasions. 

    Rear of the card contains copyright information.

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