Hand of Buddha (Pra Achana)

Hand of Buddha (Pra Achana)

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Phra Achana: 15 m tall seated stucco Buddha image in the attitude of Subduing Mara. Enshrined in the Madnapa of Wat Si Chum. Suhkothai, Thailand.

The size of this hand will give you an idea how tall the statue really is!

The worshippers attach gold leave to the hand for good fortune.

After a long day walking and cycling through the national park in the scorching heat, with only every now and then the chance the cool down in the shade, I was ready to go back to the hotel.

My partner however almost begged me to go see just one more temple. Though my attention span had expired, I agreed to just the one more temple.

When we slowly approached the Madnapa, I knew this was not 'just another temple'. And as we slowly walked into the square roofless building the Buddha revealed itself to us at his own pace. The three meter thick walls of the square roofless building has a tall slit in the front wall through which the Buddha slowly reveals himself to those approaching the building. Very special! So happy were were the only two visitors at the time so we could enjoy the full effect.

For years travelling to the Far East, I've heard people say how they liked the expression of a particular figure of the Buddha they were talking about. All that time those micro expressions were lost on me.

Until I saw this statue of the Buddha. I think this one has the most benevolent expression I have ever seen.

It turned out that my partner had 'saved' the best for last. So happy that he managed to convince me to join him! 

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