Prayer Flags Bhutan

Prayer Flags Bhutan

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Buddhist prayer flags in Bhutan, wrapped around the string that holds them up.

These flags come in sets of (a multitude of) five, each a different colour:

  • Blue - symbolising the sky / space
  • White - symbolising wind / air
  • Red - symbolising fire
  • Green - symbolising water
  • Yellow - symbolising earth

Always in that order. 

Buddhists believe that the Wind Horse carries the blessings printed on the flags across the lands and across the universe to all beings. The material of the flags disintegrates over time, becoming one with the universe. The flags are replaced and the cycle starts again, symbolising the natural cycle of rejuvenation and renewal.

Prayer flags are erected on high places so they catch a lot of wind and preferably only on auspicious dates.


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One card plus white envelope

Size of the cards is: 4.13" x 5.82" or 105mm x 148mm.

High quality 340gsm sustainably sourced paper stock, the cards have a satin finish on the outside, inside of card is blank, so it's suitable for many occasions. 

Rear of the card contains copyright information.

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